Appz corner is a Malayalam Language-Based YouTube cookery channel. I’m introducing some yummy and tasty recipes with own developed versions and others with my personal touch. Most of the Main dishes are Indian traditional recipes used in daily meals and also Indochinese and international cuisines like drinks, sweets, soups, salads, snacks etc. Most popular homemade healthy recipes including vegan & non veg recipes. The dishes in my blog and YouTube are cooked and tasted by me and my family. I’ve posted only the best successful recipes here and a 100% no failure if you make in the same way “how to cook” in which I’ve explained.

The main focus on this channel is cooking and also including crafts & unboxing videos. I’ll try to include all my little tips too. if you're interested on my cooking recipe videos give your precious suggestions. I hope your full support on my videos. If you like my videos then subscribe for more videos. Thanks for Spending your valuable time.


We are glad that you are here and thank you for stopping by on Appz corner – a blog which has vegetarian & Non-Veg recipes, mostly Indian but some Cuisine as well. There are International Recipes as well.

Most of the recipes are in step by step pictorial guide. They are easy to understand and relate too. Some recipes have short videos with the stepwise photo guide and full video too.

Out of all the many recipes on Appz Corner, the recipes we come back with again and again. Here I'm introducing you the Main types of Items:


To my food bloggers, remember that we want to not only provide useful content but that we also want to connect and share with a group of people who want to read our blogs. And that connection is built not just because of the recipes, but because of who "YOU" are as a person and how well your reader can feel like they know you. And the goal is that you can very authentically communicate who you with your readers through your stories and your voice.

More About The Blog

I started in November 2016 to keep a log (online journal) of my family recipes and the ones which I had developed back then along with the recipes I was trained in.

It was on the insistence of my friends that I started maintaining this online journal. Of course I had no idea back then that my blog would grow so much and become India’s most popular Non & vegetarian food blog.

I have been sharing global recipes right from day one when I started with the blog. But we felt that since I was trained professionally in cooking, baking, confectionary and having experience of International as well as Indian cuisine, it was time to showcase that on the blog.

You see I have done my graduation in Science and was interested both in Indian as well as International cuisines.

Whatever I know about cooking, baking and confectionery is thanks to my friends in food science, food technology, nutrition & dietetics.

I already knew the basics of cooking as I learnt it from my elders right from the age of 10. Cooking is one art that is deeply instilled in me.

About The Recipes

We have 100 vegetarian recipes shared in this span of 7 years and is one of the largest collection of Indian Non Veg & vegetarian recipes which have been tried and tested and presented with step by step photos.

The recipes are also shared with many tips and suggestions so that it is easier for anyone to make them easily.

Many of our blog fans, readers and patrons love our recipes. We are also grateful to our readers for giving us blessings, positive vibes and good wishes.

Positive energy does make a difference. The testimonial to this fact is the hundreds of positive comments, reviews and mentions we have on our popular recipes like:

  • Idly Recipe
  • Veg Biriyani
  • Chicken Recipe
  • Carrot Cake
  • Sambar Recipe
  • Paneer Butter Masala 

All the recipes are tried and tested in our kitchen first and then only shared on the blog. I keep the homemaker in mind and make the recipes. So that it is easy and one does not have to hunt around for ingredients – specifically ingredients which are not easily available in India.

The recipes shared are taken from our families, relatives, friends. Some recipes are adapted from my friends and a few from cookbooks. Some recipes I have been making on my own for many years.

Some recipes are the ones which I have created and developed with my personal touch. Whenever I adapt a recipe from any cookbook or website, I always give its reference.

If the recipe is of my mother or relatives or any friend then that is also mentioned in the post.

Our Food Motto

We always prefer home cooked food whether it is making a simple Pizza or a loaf of homemade bread or Donut Recipe. We believe in cooking with fresh ingredients that are easily available in home.

We avoid using heavily processed food or junk food which is not healthy. As a result we have sound health in our family. Eat healthy and stay healthy is our family motto.

On the blog you will find many healthy recipes made with whole grains and cereals. Even in many of my baking recipes, I have used healthy ingredients wherever possible.

Even before I started to blog, I would buy organic and this habit has stayed even today. All our grocery stuff is organic produce from grains to sugar and flours.

We even purchase organic vegetables and fruits. I cannot get all the vegetables & fruits organic in India. But I do buy whatever we can. Hence you will see fewer fruits or imported vegetables recipes on the blog.

We buy local vegetables and fruits to ensure that this supports the farmers of our country. And seafood foods too.

We also make sure to share some regional recipes made from rare ingredients or veggies which are not very popular or well known. We have tried to share at least one recipe of such an ingredient. E.g. We have covered many gourd varieties.

Indian Food

Indian food is diverse as vast. There is so much variety that we  cannot find such a massive variety in any other country. From simple everyday recipes to complex recipes, from a basic dal to a rich biryani recipe, from a light meal to a full meals.

There are thousands of varieties of food that one gets in India. Not to forget the sweets and desserts too. Yet another Indian culinary delight is the Indian street food.

The recipes are also markedly different pertaining to the different regions. The North Indian food is different than the South Indian food. Not to forget the North Eastern states as well as Kashmiri cuisine. So welcome to the land of Indian food.

Media Mentions

We have had our share of  some media mentions. This is happened IN spite of my hesitation to promote the blog and focus more on creating and sharing good recipes.

  • Our blog recipe photos were shown in youTube channels which were aired on YouTube channels for around 7 years.

Get In Touch

You can email us at if you have any query which you are not comfortable sharing in the comment or want to send us a photo of any recipe you made from the website.